“I remember you as being very kind and compassionate and understanding especially when dealing with seniors. My Dad was very strong in his opinions and would give women a very rough time but you were able to work with him to achieve an excellent memoir which Dad was so proud of until his passing. The book was written for his 85th birthday and even in September of 2014 when he celebrated his 90th birthday he gave a new found friend from Beth Tzedec Synagogue a copy of his book. When people asked how he had time to do this memoir he said he had a very smart young psychologist record his words and then type up the words and out came this story of his life. It was one of the highlights of his life and you made it happen. I think including things in his book brought back memories and you really got him to put ideas into words.”

~ Roz Roth,

Toronto, Ontario

“I asked Romy to interview my 80 year old parents as a way to preserve their memories for their children and grandchildren. She spent a couple of sessions with them asking questions about key milestones in their lives.  The results were wonderful. Even though I've heard the stories so many times, Romy was able to uncover new details and layers that presented a deeper level of understanding of their lives. Having captured their voices, accents and laughs is an heirloom unlike any other. Romy's gifts of connecting, understanding and creating are invaluable.”

~ Melissa Tapper,

Toronto, Ontario

“I will forever be grateful to Romy Terkel for the incredible memoir she composed in memory of my late husband Marc Criden. Romy spent countless hours collecting stories from Marc’s closest friends and colleagues. The time and effort she dedicated to collecting these precious memories is priceless. Romy, I am forever indebted to you. What an extraordinary gift for Marc’s legacy, our daughter Scarlett Criden. She will be able to learn about the father she lost at 19 months through these incredible stories you’ve journaled. How lucky she will be to one day read about her father’s amazing experiences both growing up, and as a renown eye surgeon. To thank you would simply not be enough. I highly recommend Romy Terkel to anyone wanting to keep the memory of their loved ones alive. She is a remarkably gifted story teller. A million thanks!”

~ Natasha Steinberg Criden,

Houston, Texas